How MyWasteApp can help you

Find companies who can recycle your waste. MyWasteApp helps producers of waste find waste companies who can handle your specific waste types. MyWasteApp holds information on over 10,000 waste companies and the wastes they’re able to accept. It then translates this information into easy to use search tools. Consequently, you can use MyWasteApp to find waste recycling and treatment facilities based on your waste types. As a result, this makes it easier for you to find the best place for your wastes.

Want to promote your waste company’s services?

You can sign up to MyWasteApp to promote your company and to receive direct enquiries from search tool users resulting in a boost to your business. This is because MyWasteApp connects our customers with new waste management opportunities, with a focus on circular economy goals.

Once registered, and this process involves checking site details, waste processes and waste types, your listing ranking will improve. Your company will receive an enhanced listing, providing that your authorisations are valid, feature higher up in the search results and above all, receive direct enquiries from search tool users.

“MyWasteApp helped me to find a waste company who could turn my food waste into energy.”

“I used MyWasteApp to find a treatment process for waste road surfacing which had been re-classified as hazardous. I entered my post code and the new EWC code into the website and a long list of sites who were authorised to treat my waste appeared!”

“As a waste broker, we are often asked by our customers to find new recycling opportunities for a wide range of waste types.  MyWasteApp has cut down our workload massively by providing information about who can accept and recycle these waste streams.”

Want to find out more about MyWasteApp?
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