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About Green Edge Applications
Green Edge Applications provides on-line environmental consultancy support

Digital Environmental Consultancy

Green Edge Applications is an innovative, online environmental consultancy. We develop environmental digital applications and environmental training so that we can help you to reduce your environmental impact and grow a circular economy. The company Director, Jane Hall, is a Chartered Environmental Consultant and Chartered Waste Manager with over 20 years’ industrial, environmental and waste management experience. She has worked with both commercial organisations and regulators in a senior capacity, as a result, she employs this specialist skill-base to help companies manage resources efficiently and comply with environmental regulations.

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Green Edge Applications delivers on-line environmental training to give you an accessible, affordable training plan for you and your employees. Our on-line environmental training and webinars are for all employees, regardless of ability, so we can up-skill your whole workforce. By delivering training online, it can be completed time-efficiently without disrupting your business.

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Partner Organisations

We also work with several partner organisations therefore we can provide a a broad spectrum of environmental support for your organisation.

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