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Environmental Consultancy Services
Improving environmental performance by combining environmental consultancy with software development

Green Edge Applications combines environmental consultancy and software development to create bespoke environmental software.

Combining environmental consultancy with powerful digital tools can greatly improve operational efficiency to reduce the strain of compliance on your staff. Together with our partner software developers, Green Edge Applications can support organisations who seek to improve their environmental performance. Green Edge Applications can:

  • track waste and resources to improve your operational efficiency
  • automate legislative and corporate environmental compliance management to reduce your paperwork
  • link you up to publicly available data by building your API so you can seamlessly update your waste duty of care records
  • connect you up to our own more comprehensive data sets, including information held in MyWasteApp, so that you can carry out enhanced waste Duty of Care compliance checks
  • analyse your data so you can better forecast against environmental and business goals

We offer support to organisations who aim to improve their environmental performance.

Green Edge Applications has a wealth of experience to offer.  Our consultants have over 20 years environmental regulatory experience, which means that we can provide support to help your company comply with environmental regulations. We have a proven track record helping organisations with their circular economy goals. Our consultants and partners have experience working within industrial, waste and regulatory sectors, which means that we can provide a unique perspective across a wide range of client organisations. Our services include:

  • Demonstrating that treated wastes reach ‘end of waste’ status and can be handled as a non-waste product
  • Providing waste and environmental technical and regulatory advice
  • Circular economy development
  • Sourcing waste material for recycling and use in products
  • Resource management
  • Environmental auditing

Contact for more information and find out how we can help you improve your environmental performance, achieve your circular economy goals and comply with environmental regulations.